Screw and Barrel Rebuilding and Repair

Screws and Barrels Repair
August 29, 2019
Kone Crane Gearbox Repair
August 29, 2019

Screw and Barrel Rebuilding and Repair

We Are the Screw Repair Leaders!

When you give us your screw for rebuilding, our team of experts will do a thorough inspection of the overall condition of your screw to enable us to detect the root cause of the component failure.

Our objective is to provide the most affordable way to get the best out of your extrusion or injection molding operation.

The feed screw is the prime mover in the extrusion and injection molding process. Although careful consideration should be given to the proper screw design for your operation, wear is a key factor that influences performance.

As initiators in the plastic industry, we have developed several standard screw building and rebuilding processes that are used today.

Rebuilding and repairing injection molding screws, repairing extrusion feed screws, and relining barrels are more than just cost saving services.

They usually provide better wear resistance than when the components were new.

Save more money and bring your screw or barrel back to its original condition with Industrial Rotating Machine services.

For more information about emergency screw repairs, check out our Emergency Gearbox Repair page.