Noise Reduction Strategies for Industrial Gearboxes

August 29, 2019
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September 17, 2019

Noise Reduction Strategies for Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial noise is an unavoidable part of using heavy machinery, but it can become a big issue because
it can cause damage to hearing when workers are exposed to high noise levels for a long period. As a
result of this, noise reduction strategies are extremely important and should be implemented to reduce
the risk of injury to industrial workers.
Highlighted below are some effective strategies to reduce the noise coming from your industrial

1. Identify sources of excessive noise

Mechanical gearboxes are a typical wellspring of extreme clamor in numerous offices. Harming levels of
commotion is a sign that at least one of the gearbox parts may not be working or structured
appropriately. Keep in mind that many factors could cause excess noise, but gear damage is frequently
the cause. If you or your workers begin to notice increased sound levels, you should conduct tests on
the gear drive to separate the source. A professional service company can also help you with this.

2. External Noise Controls

If it is isn't attainable to make gearbox fixes or adjustments, various outside changes can be made to
control the measure of commotion transmitted into the earth where workers are available. You can
contain the commotion produced by the apparatus drives through damping or disengaging the sound


Damping gadgets, for example, honeycomb sheeting, can be set up to absorb the noise created by the
vibrations of the gear drive. These gadgets reduce the noise level by converting the vibrational energy
into thermal energy.


Extra noise is created when the vibrations of the gear drive are transmitted to its mounting structure. A
strong material put between the apparatus drive unit and its mounting structure can help keep this
vibration transmission from happening, accordingly diminishing the degree of low-recurrence

Sound wall

For higher-frequency noise levels, sound-absorbing walls can be placed around the unit to minimize the
amount of sound that reaches workers.

All out fenced-in areas

In extraordinary cases, an all-out fenced-in area for the apparatus drive can be utilized. An all-out
walled in area is a structure encasing the whole gearbox that is water/air proof, unbending outwardly,
and ordinarily has an inward layer made of sound-retaining material. Should you discover that damping
gadgets or all-out fenced in areas are your best arrangement, you will likewise need to determine the

absence of wind current inside these structures. You should consider soundproof ventilation, to
maintain a strategic distance from a warm issue inside the apparatus drives.

Get expert industrial gearbox repair and maintenance

Reducing the noise that comes from the operation of your industrial gearbox is vital for both your
equipment and your employees. If you need high-quality gearbox inspection, repair, or maintenance,
gets in touch with us today.