4 Main Causes of Gearbox Failure

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August 29, 2019
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August 29, 2019

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Gear failures are the main causes of Machinery breakdowns. Failure happens due to numerous issues, and wearing down the machine over a long period of time is the most widely recognized reason.
It is inevitable that machine parts wear out from steady use from time to time. If it occurs with gears, it would have a detrimental impact on the equipment’s operation. Gear failures due to wear may occur for various reasons.

Here are some of the more common causes for gear failure:
Lubrication is very important for the life of both bearing and gear life. The principal aspects of using lubrication are the volume of lubricant put on each gear mesh and bearings, as well as the properties of the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil forms a thin film that prevents metal-to-metal contacts between the gears and within the bearing components. Modern industrial gears utilize an involute tooth structure and tooth commitment, which is a mix of rolling and sliding. The oil film is a slender hindrance between moving parts that permits the pivoting power to turn the apparatuses effectively without harming the metal surfaces.

Gears are intended to work with either parallel shafts or right point shafts and with a particular reaction between gear teeth. The arrangement of the gears in the gearbox housing is critical, and assessment of the arrangement of the gearbox housing bores is very important when a revamp is being done. In mining applications, where gear reducers are in vigorously stacked applications, we sometimes see firsthand that reducer housings can get distorted or bent. Even a small amount of disarrangement can cause premature gear wear and failure. The gear teeth will not mesh the way they were designed to, resulting in excessive weight putting in the weaker parts of the teeth.

Abrasive wear
Abrasion can appear in grooves or some other parts that rub against each other. Radial scratch marks are a sign of abrasive gears.
One of the most well-known reasons why rough wear happens is because of remote bodies in the oil. This issue could incorporate metallic trash from the bearings or gear system, rust, sand or weld spatter. It is common in new systems before the filter can clean the system.

It is possible for the entire tooth or a piece of the tooth to break away. It often leaves evidence of the focal point of the fatigue that led to the break, which results from any number of issues, including high stress or excessive tooth loads.

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